UniStream and Modbus communication
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-19th, 2017 13:59

UniLogic enables you to easily implement MODBUS communications by configuration rather than programming.

Most application requirements are met by Periodic operations, which run according to the time intervals you set.

You can also run Aperiodic operations. You can trigger a single operation, or a group of operations, via your application.

This means that an application might:

  • Use simple Periodic Operations to read/write data from/to many sensors,

  • Use an Aperiodic Operation to write a single setpoint as the result of a run-time condition,

  • Use an Aperiodic Operation to turn a group of outputs ON as the result of a run-time condition.

A single UniStream can be defined and function simultaneously as a master or slave, and may also contain multiple slave definition.

MODBUS may run via ports on the UniStream CPU, HMI panel, or COM modules. 

  • Serial
  • Ethernet.
  • COM Modules.

Additional information can be found on the UniLogic help file under: Home>Communications>Modbus

Example applications can be downloaded from UniLogic help menu.

You may view a video tutorial on the next link:

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