UniStream and communication with 3rd party devices
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-19th, 2017 13:51

It is possible to configure the UniStream PLCs to talk to 3rd party devices such as: frequency converters, RFID cards readers, bar-code readers, and printers with as long as they have proprietary protocol over serial RS232/RS485 or TCP/IP and you know the structure of this protocol.

For this you will use the COM Rx/Tx, TCP Rx/Tx functions and the protocol functions together with the Message Composer to build messages.

Messages are organized in groups. Each group uses the same properties, which includes STX, ETX, and CRC options.

  • For RS485 communication you may use the serial port of the CPU or a RS485 of a Uni-COM module.
  • For RS232 communication you may use the RS232 serial port of a Uni-COM module or connect a USB to serial converter to the USB host port.

Note that in this case the USB to serial converter must work with Prolific drivers.

  • For TCP/IP you'll use the Ethernet port. Please take into account:
  1. IP used for TPC/IP server or client is the CPU IP.

2. You can define up to 4 TCP Servers that are dynamic in nature. Each Server can handle up to 16 simultaneous connections.

3. The CPU can simultaneously support up to 32 TCP server/client and UDP sockets.

4. The maximum buffer of data that can be send/received is according to TCP/IP protocol -1024 bytes-

You can find more information regarding this subject on the UniLogic help file under: Home>Protocols: 3rd Party

You may also find an example on the downloadable examples from UniLogic Help menu.

In the following Video, you can view a tutorial for message composer:

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