Unitronics UniCan communication protocol
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-20th, 2017 7:20

UniCAN is a Unitronics proprietary communication protocol that runs over CANBus and enables fast data communications between different Unitronics devices. Via UniCAN, a Unitronics' PLC can exchange data with up to 60 other networked PLCs.


With a UniCan application:

  • Vision controllers can send and receive up to 32 bytes per message.

  • UniStream controllers can send and receive up to 64 bytes per message.
    Note that you can use the VisiLogic parameter Offset in Buffer to manage sending longer messages to UniStream.

    In Vision PLCs, when PLCs are connected to the CANbus network and their CANbus ports initialized to UniCAN, you can use the UniCAN functions, located on the Communications menu, to transfer data between units or check a unit's status.

In UniStream PLCs, UniCAN is controlled by configuration. The controller automatically sends messages according to the time intervals that you set in the UniCAN configuration.

UniCAN uses 29-bit extended identifiers.


Before using UniCAN functions, assign each networked controller a unique Unit ID number and initialize the CANbus port to UniCAN. Note that you can run both UniCAN and CANopen if you select the relevant Com Port option in the COM Init function.

You can find more information on this protocol on the help file of both VisiLogic and UniLogic:

  • VisiLogic under Home>Networks (Can, Serial)>Unican

  • UniLogic: under Home>Communications>UniCan







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