Interface between Unitronics PLC's and panels directly to computer network and software tools
Eduardo Margulis
Feb-1st, 2018 8:47

There are several options to interface between UniStream  PLC's and panels directly to computer network and software tools.

  • Modbus Communication.

     UniStream support both Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU serial –RS232 and RS485-.

     For this the SCADA or other equipment should support Modbus drivers.  UniStream does not support OPC server.

  • As mention on previous email, the latest version of UniLogic and BIN supports SQL with Microsoft SQL and MySQL. 
  • SNMP V1/V2c/V3 communication.
  • The UniStream can be configure as FTP client and/or server. This will let you exchange files between the PLC and the PC.
  • Use the option "message composer" and protocol blocks to build the message you receive and on the computer then create a program that will link this message with your application.

You can find examples of each of this communication  by downloading them from UniLogic help menu>Download examples and in the same menu you'll have a link to our YouTube channel for video tutorial on some of this subjects.

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