How to connect UniStream to Azure IOT Hub using MQTT
Ofir Levi
Jul-27th, 2020 6:22

First you will need to get the following details from Azure IOT Hub:

1. IOT Hub Host Name, for example: ""

2. Generate ClientID on Azure IOT Hub, for example: unitronics

3. The UniStream MQTT username will be {iothubhostname}/{device_id}/?api-version=2018-06-30, where {iothubhostname} is the full CName of the IoT hub and {device_id} is the ClientID. For example, 

4. Now Azure IOT Hub must generate SAS token like :SharedAccessSignature sig={signature-string}&se={expiry}&sr={URL-encoded-resourceURI}. For example: SharedAccessSignature sr={your hub name}

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