UniLogic CANBUS Sniffer
Ofir Levi
May-11th, 2020 14:16

In UniLogic 1.29.xx there is now a way to set up a CAN sniffer filter to filter CAN messages seen in sniffer data table according to their ID.

The feature is available at design time as well as at run time.

It is available:

  • for USP PLCs as a contextual tab in the CANBus branch of the solution explorer.
  • And for US5/7 as a contextual tab when CAN module is selected in COM/IO branch of the solution explorer

The functionality is obviously available only if sniffer is enabled.

Opening the sniffer filter ar design time will lead to the following screen where user will be able to define ranges of IDs that he does not want to see in his sniffer data table.

Values entered in that window are saved at the project level.

Opening sniffer filter window during online will give user an option to dynamically redefine those ranges.

Those new ranges will not be saved in the project.

Note that if the user modifies the values of the struct correctly, he can get the exact same result as doing it with UniLogic 

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