Running VFD frequency via Modbus and control via Terminal.
Alon Avivi
Jun-5th, 2019 11:34

Controlling the VFD Frequency command and Run/Stop command can be separated to different channels and doesn't have to be the same.

For example, Control command (Run/Stop) can be via the Terminal and the Frequency command via Modbus.

Since the Run Frequency  Ladder element sends both the run command and the frequency command, error will be received  (in the Status command).

For completing such task we need to perform the following:

P00.06=0 (Frequency source -  keypad)

P00.01=1 (Run command channel - Terminal)

Place a write VFD write direct FB

A:keypad set frequency

B: Frequency required value


For Terminal control please set P05.01-4 according to the table below

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