UMI VFD Integration on BACNET IP network
Ivgeny Blokh
Dec-1st, 2022 13:18

BACNET IP is a common industrial protocol used for building automation projects.

It's easy to integrate Unitronics UMI series VFD on BACNET IP based project using the GW-BAC1 BACNET Gateway.     

In this example, the GW-BAC1 is a Modbus-RTU Master for the VFD and BACnet/IP Server for the BMS (YABE is used as BACNET Client simulator).

The CSV configuration file needs to be edited manually. (There is no option to use the BACnet Configurator for setting the BACnet gateway as Slave).

In the screenshots below you can find some details for the CSV configuration:

according to the configuration file, The VFD should be configured to Baudrate=57600, Data Bits=8, Parity=none, Endbit=1 

The Modbus address should be 1.

This configuration allows to perform Read/Write operations for 3 registers:

1. Control Word

2. Frequency

3. Status Word.

These objects are configured as Analog value (AV), and set as Read/Write (rdbc).

*To configure these objects as Write only the function value should be (wrbc).

The addresses were taken from the VFD manual.

** When converting the HEX address that shows on the manual to a decimal value on the configuration file, we should add 1 to the address on the configuration file.

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