Vision and KNX networks
Eduardo Margulis
Feb-1st, 2018 9:07

Vision PLCs are able to connect to a KNX network with the help of the GW-KNX1 getaway

The GW-KNX1 is an external, high performance Building Automation multi-protocol gateway that is preconfigured to automatically communicate between Unitronics’ products (hereafter called “device”) connected to the GW-KNX1 and automatically configures them for Modbus.

The getaway will convert the Modbus communication to KNX, letting the user connect Unitronics products to KNX networks.

To configure it you have the UniKNX configurator. this configurator is a tool provided Unitronics that allows the user to create the configuration file for the GW-KNX1 easily. Once created, the configuration file should be downloaded to the GW-KNX1 in order to enable it to communicate with the Unitronics PLC. The UniKNX configurator can be launched from both the VisiLogic and UniLogic programing applications Tools menu. This tool will configure the KNX getaway as KNX master and modbus Slave. If you wish to have the getaway act as KNX slave and modbus master the configuration file should be change manualy before downloading it to the device.


For KNX, the device instance is not used in the configuration file so it is not needed. This is way you may only add only one instance

You may configure up to 1500 data points. So you can connect to any KNX network that has up to 1500 points.

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