Interface between Unitronics PLC's and panels directly to computer network and software tools
Eduardo Margulis
Jan-10th, 2018 6:44

There are several options to interface between a Vision  PLC's and panels directly to computer network and software tools.

  • Modbus Communication.

Our customers worldwide use many SCADA packages. We know for sure about Wonderware’s InTouch,  Indusoft, , Citect, RSview etc.

There are two ways to communicate with these programs:

  • Via our OPC server UniOPC– download  at no additional cost from our site;
  • Via Modbus (Modicon) driver of the SCADA

- If you wish to communicate using MODBUS – you need to configure the PLC to be MODBUS slave. You can find the slave address table in help topic as captured below:

- If you wish to communicate using OPC server:

You can use Unitronics OPC server (You can download UniOPC server from: Then you need to configure OPC server as described in UniOPC help.)

When using a OPC server different than UniOPC - take care about naming convention.

  • We do not have a tool that can communicate directly with a SQL data base but we have several options to send data from our PLC to a server:

         - You can create a CSV file with the SD tools/ Excel utilities/ created excel delimited line . This file will be save to a SD card and then you can send it via e-mail.

          - Use the option "message composer" and protocol blocks to build the message you receive and on the computer then create a program that will link this message with Oracle.

          - In our web page there are some DLL a VB6- that you can use to read information from the PLC. Then you may create a program that will copy this information to a SQL data base.

            See Technical Support Download section, Communication & Development.


             In this cases you may need a PC programmer to do the connection between the oracle DB and the data you received from the Vision PLC.

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