Communicating using RS232 cable using Visilogic software
Christopher McCabe
May-23rd, 2022 16:14

To establish a connection using the RS232-CB1 cable with the MJ10-22-CS25 (DB9 female connector) from the PLC using the other USB to DB9 mall connector to your PC follow with the program follow these steps:

1. If you do not have the Visilogic software installed, navigate to and select the red button to Download the latest version of Visilogic.

2. Once the download has finished open right click on the file and select show in folder or navigate to your downloads folder in your windows explorer folder and move the Install Wizard for Visilogic to your Desktop due to permission error you might encounter later.

3. Open up the Installation Wizard. Once this is finished installing navigate to your Windows Explorer and select the following to setup the program before first opening it:

4. Select OS(C:) drive > Select Program Files x86 > select Unitronics > select Unitronics Visilogic_C > select Main > click one time on the Visilogic program and then right click on it and select properties > select compatibility > select the box "Run this program as Administrator" and select Apply. Open up the Visilogic software.

5. In the Visilogic software start by opening a blank program or project. Configure the HW configurator to the PLC model you have. Go ahead and select the Connection tab on the top ribbon and select the last option named Communication & OS.

6. Select the right most icon on the top, looks like a USB icon to Install the USB driver.

7. Shown below is how you will connect from using a USB to rj11 to communicate to the V350 from your PC. The black cable is the USB to DB9 male connector that you have and the grey cable the rj11 to MJ10-22-CS25 DB9 female connector that I am sending to you. Connect the rj11 to the V350 and the USB connector to you PC before selecting step 1 mentioned in step 8 below.

8. Select step one to Install the Driver. An Installation wizard will appear and prompt you to select next to download a Silicon Labs driver that will work with the software to the PLC to communicate.

9. Select step 2 to open the Device manager on your PC. Connect the cable(s) to the PLC and then the PC. You will see a PORTS folder appear once the cable(s) are connected. Open the folder and note what COM # your USB or DB9 connector is using on your PC.

10. Go back to the Communication & OS screen on the Visilogic software. Select Serial for the connection type. Select the COM # your port is using from the device manager. Select 57600 for the Baud rate if using a standard controller (V130) or 115200 if using an enhanced series controller (V350 and higher).

11. Select the Get OPLC information button at the bottom. If everything works and the communication to the PLC from the software is successful, you will see the 3 blank boxes above the GET OPLC button populate with a black text that matched the Model, Bin and OS of the controller.

12. Close out the Communication & OS screen and select the Connection Tab at the top and select the Upload option from the controller or select Download > stop-Download- Reset option to download the project to the controller.

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