Connecting a ASCII printer to Vision PLC
Eduardo Margulis
Jan-28th, 2018 13:20

You can connect to our Vision enhanced PLCs  printers that support ASCII protocol (DOS mode). If the printer has serial   (RS232/RS485) or Ethernet TCP/IP interface and supports ASCII protocol (DOS mode), the communication can be established via FB Protocol and this is relatively easy task. 

You can view a tutorial on FB protocol on the next video

Attached is a protocol for some HP models we received from customer. You can just take the idea how it looks like. Then, you can contact the support team of the printer you’re interested in, and ask for relevant doc, like printer programming guide. Your printer will use different commands set.

Attached also an application for printing via serial port and Ethernet.

Actually, after you will prepare required strings in FB Protocol, Send the data to print just need to press the button on the display to activate the FB Protocol send. (One shot condition).

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