UCR (Unitronics Router) Sending SMS
Ofir Levi
Aug-4th, 2021 6:49

UCR setup for Sending SMS with UniStream:

In order configure the Router, enter your network browser and enter the router address.
* is the default address of the Unitronics Router.

Testing the SIM card:

Before proceeding, it is important to make sure SIM card is properly inserted and having SMS plan.

Go to Service-> SMS Utilities-> SMS Management-> send SMS

Enter phone number (in some cases it may require country code), the message body and click on send – check that you received the SMS.

In order to to configure the router for sending SMS from the PLC:

Go to Services-> SMS Gateway

Enter a username, password , check the enable option and click on save.


The default address of the Unitronics Router is

When the PC is connected to the Router it automatically gets a new IP address starting with 192.168.1.xxx.

For the controller, you should give an address that will match this network as well.

Setting up the router in Unilogic

Go to PLC Communication-> Router.

Enter the Router settings and passwords in the appropriate places.

Please note that the Router Authentication password is the password you are using to login the router from the internet browser.

To enable SMS reception please check the "Enable Receive SMS".

Optional – You can authorize the router to receive messages from specific phone numbers. Enter the phone numbers that the router will allow to receive messages from.

SMS Message

To send a message you need to create a new SMS.

Add a new SMS and build the message body

When a new message is added, a new Struct is created, which gives an indication of the sending status.

Ladder Elements

When you set up a Router, this is the Struct that created in memory

To initialize the Router insert use the Init Modem / Router ladder block

Sending SMS

Send SMS function block:

A-SMS Message we created

B- The router to which you connect

C- Allows you to receive messages not in ASCII characters (other language)

Receipt of SMS:

When the SMS Queue is full, you can retrieve the message from the Router's Struct.

B- The Buffer that gets the message

C- The length of the message received

D-Struct of the SMS Metadata type that receives:

From the related Struct you can get the number that sent the message, and the time it happened.

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