Unironics Router- Modbus tcp Master to Mqtt publisher
Tal Asulin
Nov-29th, 2020 13:41

Vision controllers doesn't support MQTT, however, the UCR can connect to Vision controllers by Modbus as master, read values from  PLC and publish (publish only) the desired data to MQTT.

1.Define MODBUS Slave parameters, pay attention to:

  1. Slave ID (later can filter MQTT using the Slave ID)
  2. Communication Period
  3. Can define Tags and conditional Alarms
  4. For 32 bits values (use Byte order 3,4,1,2), use the test button to see current value

  1. Define MQTT
    1. Connection string
    2. Port (1883 standard, 8883 TLS)
    3. Topic
    4. Period
    5. Filter (can filter by Slave ID or Slave IP)
    6. Use credentials or certificates if required.

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