UCR (Unitronics Router) Port Forwarding
Ofir Levi
Aug-4th, 2021 6:24

In order to configure the Router, enter your network browser and enter the router address.
* is the default address of the Unitronics Router.

Setting up Port Forwarding

In order for UniLogic to communicate with UniStream from external network, you need to forward the following ports:

Online port: 3335

Download port:22

API’s port: 8001

  1. Go to Network-> Firewall-> Port Forwarding

Scroll down and add the above-mentioned ports one by one.

In the below example the IP address of the UniStream is

If you have more than one UniStream connected to the router the external ports should be different between the PLCs. (You can define external port number as you wish).

Here is an example of adding API’s port (8001):

External Port – Match incoming traffic directed at the given destination port on this host.

Internal Port – redirect matched incoming traffic to the given port on the internal host.

Below you can find screenshot example of the configuration:


When we wish to access UniStream in external network it is important to make sure that in Options-> General the "Use Ping On Discovery" is unchecked:

This is because it is not possible to PING the PLC that is behind the Router.

Communicate with UniStream 

In Unilogic, under PC – PLC communication enter the external IP address or host name of the router and enter the external ports accordingly.

Login from VNC client:

In order to connect the UniStream with VNC client from external network, you should perform port forwarding as well.
The port that link to VNC is 5900.

Here is an example:

On VNC client, enter the external IP address with the corresponding port in this way:

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