Activate Output Based On HSC/Shaft Encoder Target Value Regardless PLC Scan Time with UniStream
Ofir Levi
Jan-17th, 2018 7:32

In UniStream Certain I/O modules, such as UID-0808T and UID-0808THS offer an Advanced Functions option which enables complex I/O functions that will allow fast response regardless of PLC Scan time

To use Advanced Functions and Scenarios 

1.       Go to "Hardware Configuration" --> "Local I/O and COM Modules" --> Add or configure an I/O which has a HSC and support scenarios .

2.       Enter one of the blocks for configuring the HSC.

3.       Set the 3 setting in block as following:

          a.      High-Speed Type: Counter And Scenario 1.

          b.      Interface: Quadrature (A/B).

          c.      Trigger on input: Counter Match.

4.       In the bottom of UniStream main screen, go to "IO" tab and look for your I/O you configured and click on the blue "IO" under Type tab.

5.       In the IO struct you can find all the tags which are related to that IO and can be used in the logic, look for the following:

           a.       Counter match to out activation: Counter match to out activation value.

           b.      Delay in-to-out Activation: Delay (in uSec) from input trigger to output activation.

           c.       Delay to out Deactivation: Time duration (in uSec) from input trigger to output activation.

           d.      Output Action Logic: Output action logic, 0=Set, 1=Reset, 2=Toggle.

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