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Eduardo Margulis
Nov-22nd, 2017 14:55

UniLogic provides the complete configuration and programming environment for the UniStream control platform.

Use it to:

  • Configure Hardware: PLC controllers, HMI screens, I/Os, and COM modules

Remote I/O Station

Programmable Logic Controller. UniStream PLCs are generally referred to as CPUs.

  • Configure communications
  • Build Ladder control applications
  • Design HMI screens

The image below shows UniLogic with the focus on the Ladder editor. It is followed by a table describing the interface.



Solution Explorer

All aspects of your project are accessible via the Solution Explorer navigation tree. Click a branch to open it in the Main Workspace.



This pane shows your current selection. Note that all active aspects of your project are available via the tabs at the top.



Actions that you can perform are organized under tabs.



This is context-sensitive. When Ladder is in the Workspace, the Ladder commands are displayed. Selecting HMI, Hardware Configuration or any other aspect displays the relevant options. When appropriate, a Properties pane opens either in this pane, or opened in another pane directly below the Toolbox.



Your project Data Tags are displayed here. Click a tab at the bottom of the pane to view tag groups.


Error List

Errors such as Compilation errors are displayed here.


Find Results

Right-click an element, tag, or function and select Find; this pane will display all instances where the element is used in the project.


When you open UniLogic for the first time, the program will open showing Recent Solutions. This will be empty until you create and save your first project. To open your first project, click one of the New options.


When you create a UniLogic project, you first select a project type, and then assign a project name and path. This is because HMI media files, which include images, sound, and video, are automatically stored by UniLogic in folders along this path.

On the ribbon, click the Project tab, and then select one of the following options:

  • ·         New Creates a project with an unallocated memory, in which you create data tags and assign them to data types according to your project's requirements
  • ·         New (Pre-defined operands) Creates a project with defined operand addresses that are already linked to data types.

UniLogic asks you to assign a file name and select a location; the application  creates a _MEDIA folder and subfolders for audio and video files. When you include audio and video in your application, UniLogic stores the files in these  folders.

Select a controller:

  • In the Solution Explorer, click Controller Model.
  • In the Controller Model window, click on your model to select it, or on the > arrow to open a controller category that contains additional models
  • Set a Default Language.

To change your selection at any time, click Change PLC Model at the bottom of the Controller Model window.

Note that the controller you select modifies the option that UniLogic presents for I/O and COM modules, and shows only the options that are relevant for your selected controller.

You can view a video tutorial on Introduction to UniLogic, HMI + PLC Application Software on the next link.

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