Servo and VisiLogic
Ofir Levi
Feb-6th, 2020 13:56

Unitronics’ broad range of Servo Drives & Motors, teamed with our controllers, provide a high-quality solution that supports a vast variety of motion applications - easily programmed with this VisiLogic version. This release includes an OS that supports our existing line of UMDs (Unitronics Motion Drives). 

VisiLogic Software

  • Simple Setup for Servo Drives & Motors
  • Automatic Communication Setup: absolutely seamless (CANopen)*
  • Motion Control implementation via PLCOpen-compliant Function Blocks, listed under Servo Axis on the FBs menu
  • Control up to 3 Servo Axes

*Servo communication is via CANbus; ensure that your Vision comprises either a built-in or add-on CANbus port.

Setup Servo in VisiLogic:

1. Please make sure to download the latest VisiLogic and update the Vision OS for Servo:


2.  Add Com Init for CANopen & Servo:


3. Add CANopen Configuration and using right click on the node number select CANopen servo:

4. From the Function Blocks menu you can find the Servo FBs - Please note that all Servo MC block should be connected directly on the left line.

5. MC power FBs must be used in order to enable servo operation. Place the MC Power connected directly to the left line and fill all parameters and vectors.

5. Now can use any MC FB such as MC move, MC Home, etc..

6. For each MC FB fill the parameters and activate it using the execute bit - You can check the result of the MC FB using its outputs:


Please note that MC FBs are executed only on the rise of the execute bit.

Detailed information about each one of the MC FBs can be found in VisiLogic help file.

Attached is an example.

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