Servo Drive firmware update
Alon Avivi
May-11th, 2020 13:12

Update Servo drive firmware

Unitronics Servo drive can be updated via UniLogic and VisiLogic software using a dedicated wizard.

In order to update please do as follow:



1.    In the Solution explorer, select Hardware configuration Motion Drives Servo.

2.       Highlight Servo Drives.

3. In the main menu, select Servo Drives.


4.       Press Update Firmware.

5.       Follow the instructions in the wizard.

6.       After update the firmware it is recommended to Factory Reset the Drive in FN001.

The Drive display will show "LOAD".

Press on Enter for 3 seconds.

The Drive display will show "Done".

7.       In case the update is failed and the pop up screen is appear, please contact Unitronics Support.



1.       From the Tools Menu√†Update UMD Servo Firmware

2. Follow the instructions in the wizard.


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