VFD-Multi-set speed
Nir Manor
Apr-4th, 2024 9:53

Change between 2 speeds/frequencies with IO inputs (Multi-set speed)

The Multi-set speed mode allows for change between speed stages.

Using all the combinations of multi-step terminals S1–S4, you can have up to 16 different speeds(0-15).

The following instruction demonstrates how to change between 2-speed stages using 2 digital inputs (S3 and S4).

Please follow the steps below:

1) Set your Max output frequency- P00.03

2) Set your "frequency command selection" to operate as a Multi-step speed (P00.06).

3) set your S3 and S4 to Multi-step speed terminals 1 and 2.

4) Define your Multi-step speed as a percentage of your Max output frequency(P00.03).

5) Each multi-set speed ACC/DEC can be define as describe in the table below:

Each parameter holds the ACC/DEC value for 8 multi-set speeds.

Each step can have 4 different ACC/DEC which has been determined by 2 bits.

To encode the value of each one of the 8 steps to HEX value, you first have to convert the 4 figures HEX value into 16 bits array.

Every pair in this array holds the value of each step.

Then you have to convert the 16-bit value to HEX value and store it in the Drive.

6) Set the ACC/DEC values

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