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Open Platform Communications United Architecture

Is an encrypted data exchange standard for industrial communication (machine-to-machine or PC-to-machine communication).

This open interface standard is independent of the manufacturer or system supplier of the application, of the programming language in which the respective software was programmed, and of the operating system on which the application is running.

UniStream PLC can be set as OPC-UA Server.

UniStream supports several encryptions:

·         None

·         One Encryption

·         Several Encryptions

Encryptions support:

·         None

·         Sign – Aes128

·         Sign – Aes256

·         Sign – Basic254Sha128

·         Sign & Encryption – Aes128

·         Sign & Encryption – Aes254

·         Sign & Encryption – Basic254ha128

OPC-UA in UniStream

·         To set UniStream to communicate in OPC-UA:

·         Enable OPC-UA in  PLC Communications à Protocols".

·         OPC-UA Struct will be automatically created in the Global tab.

Creating a configuration file:

·         In Server settings - You can set your Application name, Host name and Port. Select your "Security Policies" and "Certificate".

·         In Address space - Select the Tag`s you would like to share:  

·         Once you finish the system configuration and tags, you will need to copy the configuration URL that you will to load to your OPC-UA Client in order to establish communication. 

·         Download to the PLC.

OPC-UA Client

You can test using any OPC-UA Client software.

In this example, "UaExpert" is used.

·         First add your Server by right clicking on "Server":

·         The next menu will popup:

·         Double click on the "Custom Discovery" and paste the copied file URL from UniLogic "Server Setting" -->"End Point": 

·         In Advanced, select your "security Policy":  

·         If needed, you can always change your Properties by right click on your Server: 


·         Make sure that the PC and PLC are in the same network and the PLC has an SD.

·         Right click on the new Configuration Name and "Connect"

·         Click on "Trust Server Certification": 

·         The certification needs to turn green and click "Continue":

Trust Server Configuration

·         After you have clicked "Trust the certification", enter UniApp in the PLC è Network è (next page) è OPC-UA

·         Refresh the page by clicking on the  icon.

·         Select your certification in the "Rejected" column and move in to the "Trusted" side.

·         Once you moved the certification in the "Trusted" side, you can connect.

·         Once you will establish communication, UniStream tags will be available (Only tags that we defined in address space):

·         To add the Tags, simply drag them from the "address Space" to the main "Data Access View"

·         Now you can view the PLC tags in your OPCUA Client. 

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