Calibrate Vision and Samba HMI touch screen
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-6th, 2017 14:55


Some time you may need to recalibrate the HMI touch screen of your SAMBA or Vision PLC.

Try to perform a calibration according to the below instructions:


1-      Verify that the PLC is standalone (No I/O) on your desk and without any protective cover on the touchscreen.

2-      Check that the PLC is clean and also when it's OFF try to search any object (Dirt, Dust ) between the behind the touchscreen.

3-      Power ON, Touch the display and check the values SI40,SI41 - When the touch screen is not pressed, SI40 and SI41 equals to -1:

If the values are not equals to -1, please clean the screen and remove the screen protector (if there is any).


4-      SB74 takes care to save calibration points to the EPROM.

Please Try to calibrate the touchscreen using a stylus pen as follows:

·         When the PLC is connected, go to on-line mode (F9)

·         Go to SB74 and press on "set", SB74 will rise to 1



·       Now, go to SB73 and press on "set", calibration cursor will appear in the PLC's display.



Please calibrate the HMI touch screen.

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