UniStream CANOpen Servo Motion UDFBs & Example
Ofir Levi
Nov-18th, 2017 10:22

1.       Import " MC_Internal_XXX.ullme" module to the ladder

2.       Import " MC_Functions_XXX.ullme" module to the ladder

3.       Add a CANopen node

4.       Set the Device node ID in the CANopen node

5.       Uncheck the "Auto start" in the CANopen properties

6.       In the CANbus properties change the "CANbus  Baud Rate" to your Device Baud Rate

7.       In the Startup function put on the bus bar in the first rung the "MC_Power" function (from the "MC_Function" Module)

8.       For each input create a struct of the ear's type

9.       In the CANopen node TPDO create 3 TPDOs, Assign the struct of type "TPDO1" to the first TPDO and set the ID to 1, and  Assign the struct of type "TPDO2" to the second TPDO and set the ID to 2, etc.

10.    In the CANopen node RPDO create 4 RPDOs, Assign the struct of type "RPDO1" to the first RPDO and set the ID to 1, and so on for the next 3 RPDOs.

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Ofir Levi Feb-28th, 2018 7:15

This example should work with drives that are compliant with CANopen DS402 standard

Ron Clark Feb-27th, 2018 16:35

Was this example created for a specific vendor or will it work with any CANopen compliant motion controller?