UniStream and MQTT
Eduardo Margulis
Feb-25th, 2018 14:17

From UniLogic 1.23.25 together with firmware 1.23.8  UniStream supports MQTT protocol, another piece of the Industry 4.0 puzzle. MQTT is a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol that runs over TCP/IP. MQTT joins the UniStream range of communication channels and protocols that supply the connectivity required by Industry 4.0 including SQL, built-in webserver that enables the controller to be accessed via any browser, and more.

MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) is a messaging protocol that runs over TCP/IP, with a publish - subscribe structure.

  • A Publisher sends messages according to Topics, to specified Brokers.

  • A Broker acts as a switchboard, accepting messages from publishers on specified topics, and sending them to subscribers to those topics.  

  • A Subscriber receives messages from connected Brokers and specified Topics.

UniStream supports MQTT as a 'client' that can both publish, and subscribe, to messages. UniStream can:

  • Publish data: - To a defined Broker according to a configured Topic. For example, the Topic may be Kiln; the messages can include application data such as temperature or pressure. - Periodically, according to a time period set in the configuration - Aperiodically, via Ladder Function

  • Receive data from a defined Broker on a defined Topic, to which UniStream is subscribed. 

Please see attached example application.
You can find more information regarding this subject on the UniLogic help file under Home>Communications>MQTT

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