VNC & WebServer Widgets in UniCloud Dashboard
Tal Asulin
Mar-22nd, 2021 10:24

VNC & WebServer Widgets in UniCloud Dashboard

The VNC & Webserver widgets can be viewed only by navigating to Dashboard and filtering to specific asset you wish to watch.

The navigation can be done from any widget that lists the assets of the organization such as

table or map widgets.

In this example the map widget is used for navigating to specific asset.

The steps are as follows:

1. Add the widgets Map, VNC and\or Webserver to the required dashboard.
Please note that the map and the VNC/Webserver do not have to be in the same dashboard.

2.Navigate to Map widget definitions -Click on Edit

3. Go to Navigate

3.1Mark the checkbox "Navigate per Asset Type"

3.2 Select from the dashboard list the name of Dashboard with the VNC or/and WebServer widgets

3.3 Mark the checkbox “Filter by Asset ID”

Click Finish

4.Make sure the Dashboards are published.

5.Navigate to the Dashboard with the Map widget and click on the asset you want to have a view of VNC or Webserver.

      VNC and webserver opened.

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