Connecting UniStream to UniCloud - Generic Error
Ofir Levi
Mar-4th, 2021 9:12

In case you try to load certificate or Add Asset from Uniapps and get Generic Error,
do following steps:

1.Go to Uniapps>>Ethernet>>Network>>Ping
2. Send Ping to “”



If ping to fail -PLC is not connected to internet or Panel IP setting is incorrect. Please check Panel IP settings:
1.IP, Subnet Mask, and Gateway
2.Check DNS

After set the IP setting ,try ping again, if success continue process and try load certificate or Add asset again.

If ping to success and still getting Generic error it may be that some ports are not open in your network.

Please try the following in order to check if ports 8883 and 443 are open:

On windows, open CMD and perform those two telnet commands:

1. telnet 8883

2. telnet 443

Copy and Paste one command row each time to CMD window as shown below and click Enter:

Empty black screen - Success


If one of Telnet commands failed it means that this port is not open, check with your IT department, and after open the ports go to Uniapps and complete the process

If two Telnet commands success and still get Generic Error please contact

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