UniStream Touch Screen Troubleshooting
Ofir Levi
Mar-30th, 2020 11:18

Make sure that you panel recognizes your touch by monitoring the "Touch Bit" in UniLogic "System" --> "General" struct.

This bit tag will rise once you will touch the screen ("Touch Bit" = `0` =No Touch).

Monitor "Coordinate X" and "Coordinate Y" when you touch the screen to see if the touch screen recognizes the coordinate change when you press in different locations on the screen.

The screens coordinates (0, 0) is the upper left corner on the screen.

Screen Calibration

Screen calibration can be done via "UniApp":

Enter "UniApp" by pressing on the upper right corner of the HMI, press on the "UniApp" option.

In "UniApp" press on the right arrow in the right side of the screen:

Press on the "Touch Screen" icon.

Click the "Start Calibration".

Start your calibration by pressing on the target sings.

Once the calibration will be over, a message will appear on the screen to let you know if the calibration failed or successful.

If the calibration was successful, the PLC will reset itself.

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