Vision/Samba firmware upgrade troubleshooting
Ofir Levi
Mar-29th, 2020 6:39

If you face one of the following issues:

  • The HMI is black and beeps
  • The HMI is red

Follow the next steps:

·        Make sure to use COM1 of the PLC with Baud Rate of 115200 (for enhanced Vision PLC`s).

·        Power on the PLC in factory boot mode by disconnecting the power to the PLC, pressing the screen and plugging back the power while pressing the screen.

·        Stop the 10 second countdown by tapping on the screen twice.

·        In VisiLogic, "Checked for Updates" in "Help" tab in VisiLogic.

·        Once you establish communication to the PLC, go to the 4th tab and click on the "Check" button: 

  • Continue with the wizard and Click on Next to start update the firmware.

If Firmware update is failing follow the steps above (except using the wizard) until this point and continue:

·        Click on the "Advanced" button. 

·        Select only the "Bin Lib: File:"

·        According to the PLC type and VisiLogic version, select the file and click "Open".

·        Click "Next" to start the update.

·        Once the update finished, click "Finish".

Do not send the run command yet.

Now perform the same steps for the Boot file:

·        And finally update the O/S file.

·        After that all the files are updated, click the "RUN" command the PLC.

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