Vision PLC battery change without losing data
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-6th, 2017 14:59

When changing the Battery of Vision PLCs, it is recomended to first back up the operand data.

The PLC may hold the operands for a few seconds when removing the Battery.

We always recommend backing up the operands when battery is low before changing the battery.

This will back up all operands including System operands.

To do so please:

  • Step 1

    Open Unitronics  Remote Access PC utility and go to Tools>Operand Access




    Step 2

    Go to Communication menu>Read All Values From PLC and save it as Excel file when requested.



                        Step 3

  • Power down PLC

  • Open Battery cover and replace the battery.

  • Close battery cover

    Step 4

  • In Unitronics  Remote Access PC utility - go to Tools>Operand Access>File menu>Import All values from Excel.



     Step 5

    • Go to Communication menu>Write All Values To PLC.




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