installing UniStream Driver on Virtual Machine (VM)
Reuven Mozes
Feb-11th, 2018 7:59

Below are the steps to install UniStream Driver on Virtual Machine (RNDIS On VM):

Disable the firewall inside the VM.

On the VM, Windows does not give an IP Address to the new Local Area Connection.. You should check with IPConfig if the connection got an IP address of 169.254.*

If it didn't, then go to the Network settings and give that connection and IP, with that starts with 169.254... For example

If it will not work, then you should see the other Ethernet adapter IPv4 Address. You can see that it is 169.254.177.*  (yours can be different, and it may change on each restart) Just make your RNDIS device to have the same IP Address Prefix, or change both IP's to have the same user defined address prefix. In our case, once we have changed it (The IP of the RNDIS connection)  to, then it start working:

Thank you.
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