Ofir Levi
Jun-24th, 2020 6:22


a. Each URB series output unit can provide specified amount of current (RB-TCP can push up to 10A, URB-TCP2 up to 8A and URP-PDIST up to 7A )to connected end device like: contactors, solenoids, sensors and etc.

b. In case that the calculated total field power exceed the maximal provided current by the network adapter, URP-PDIST must be added.
For example:
URD-0008CH can provide 0.5A per channel, total of 4A per module.
URD-04PW can provide 0.5A per channel, total of 2A per module.
So if the system have 2 X URD-0008CH and 1 X URD-04PW attached dirsctly to the network adapter and all channels current usage it the maximal allowed, we need to add URP-PDIST is additional output modules attached.

Only the 24V is relevant for our series (5VDC/48VDC/120VAC/240VAC is not relevant).


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