Remote IO Pulse
Ofir Levi
Jun-9th, 2020 9:30

URB Pulse I/O Module

These I/O module enable you to generate pulses in high frequency up to 300kHz. 

The module support acceleration option, set specific amount of pulses, count internally pulses and emergency stop inputs.

Attached are an example for UniStream and Vision series.

Here is the IO data structure:


·         2 x Pulse Output Counter (INT32) 

·         2 x Emergency Stop via physical trigger (UINT8)


·         2 x Frequency in Hz. (UINT16)

·         2 x Pulse Output Quantity.(INT32)

·         2 x Pulse output manager (8 bits)

               o    (0,1) 2 bits Frequency Multiplication Bit map.


               o    (2,3) 2 reserved bits

               o    (4) 1 bit Clear Pulse Counter. (clear the internal counter)

               o    (5) 1 bit Acceleration enable (If this bit is on the output will generate the pulses with acceleration. Please note that acceleration will be active only frequency value is greater than 3000)

               o    (6) 1 Enable Continues Pulse (If this bit is on and "Pulse Output Qty" is not 0, pulse output always runs )

               o    (7) 1 Enable Pulse Run 

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