DataXport TCP/IP Listen issues with Runtime Error 13
Christopher McCabe
May-12th, 2022 19:54

To be able to get the TCP/IP listen to respond on the DataXport program.

I will attach the program I used for you to reference with your project specifically nets 1 thru 4, the latter nets are so I could populate a table with DataXport and are not needed to test with if you already have a table setup to test with.

You were correct for net 3 for the TCP connect to socket 3. The IP address is the one your computer is using from command prompt using the command ipconfig to check this parameter.

Please follow the steps below, you can skip the program loading steps (start at step 11) if you are not experiencing a RUN Time Error 13 code on screen:

1. Turn down UAC to never notify.

2. Back up all projects.

3. Uninstall DataXport using the uninstaller from Apps and features.

4. Delete the folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Unitronics\DataXport

5. Delete the folder from C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Unitronics

6. Reboot the PC.

7. Save installer to your desktop by pulling it out of the downloads folder

8. Right click on installer, select “run as administrator”

9. Install DataXport

10. After install, run DataXport as administrator.

11. Once the DataXport program is up and running, try to continue the project you were working on from the webinar video and if still having issue after going thru all the steps below then open a new project and start from scratch rebuilding the project as the saved file.

12. Select the ports Icon and select the last row for the Ethernet Listen row. Set the port number to 20257 for socket 3s port number. Close out the ports screen.

13. Select a new project and click on the Add Site icon on the top ribbon. Set the PLC name of the controller to match, select what type of controller you are using. Select the box for MB to set and link this number to the MB number in net 4 of or the Disconnect contact. Select Ethernet (Listen) for the PC port.

14. Select Create excel or Create .Csv files at the bottom of the Site screen.

15. If a table is defined select it and then select apply. If a table is not selected or defined click on the Table icon on the top of the site screen and select add a table.

16. The table screen will appear. Select the icon Import Data Table Structure.

17. A Data Tables Structure screen will appear. Enter in a name in the Add new Data Table Structure to list and select one of the two icons to the right to upload the table to DataXport.

18. The icon on the left of the 2 will load from the PLC and the icon on the right will load from an exported file saved to your PC from Visilogic by selecting the Data Tables icon on the software and selecting the export file to save the file to a folder. I was able to use the export file and the right icon to get this to work.

19. As you can see above the file uploaded to the table and I named it test to show for demo purposes. Click on the table next to the # 1 and select close. On the Table screen you will see the TEST name is in the Data Table Structure Box. Select it and you will see the name of the Data Table in your Visilogic project fill in on the Table name box as shown. Select Okay. IN the add tables screen you will see the word test.Table 1 under the table name and then select it if not highlighted and choose close at the bottom of the screen.

20. Select the Table you just created in the Site screen and select apply then okay to finish setting up the new site.

21. Go to Project on the top ribbon and select Excel/.csv file properties. Select which folder you would like to save the excel/.csv file to and select okay once done.

22. The DataXport main page will look like this once the site is setup and the excel file is selected.

23. Select the run project icon and it will ask you to save the project by selecting ok before going further. Once it is saved select the run project icon again to open the call log screen.

24. Go back to Visilogic and put the controller in Online Mode using the TCP/IP call option over ethernet and turn on the Positive transition contact in net two which in my demo is MB 2 by click on the contact and then clicking the set button to turn the connection on and then the reset button that will display to tunr off the connection on the pop up screen for MB2.

25. Pull up the Call Log Screen and you will see that the Call succeeded from the PLC ethernet.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy your day.

Best Regards,

Chris McCabe | Applications Engineer

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Joseph Cappelletti Oct-11th, 2023 17:25

Another resolution is to close any Unitronics software > Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Unitronics > Delete the .dll files listed under the main directory > Run DataXport setup in Repair mode FIRST. DataXport 3.1.23 requires 2019 .dll versions, VisiLogic installs 2022 versions which causes the issue.