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Eduardo Margulis
Nov-22nd, 2017 12:36

VisiLogic is the software tool you use to create control projects for Vision controllers. After you plan the control task, use VisiLogic to write, debug, and download the PLC control and HMI applications into the controller.

The PLC application is your control, or automation application. You write the PLC application using the Ladder Editor.

The HMI application configures the operating panel's function. You use the HMI Editor to create the Displays that are shown on the controller's screen.

Displays tell your operators what to do. You can have your operators log in with a password, enter setpoints and other data, and instruct the operator what to do in case of a system problem or alarm. A Display can contain both text and images. Text and images can be both fixed and/or variable.

Variables are inserted into a Display to:

  • Show run-time values as integers
  • Represent run-time values with either text, images, or bar graphs
  • Show text messages that vary according to runtime conditions
  • Enable an operator to enter data using the Vision's alphanumeric keypad

Here are some of VisiLogic's major features:

Program Editors

You use 3 editors to create your application:

  • Ladder
  • HMI Display
  • Variable

Each editor is operated through a different window. You switch between the editors via the Toolbar buttons or by clicking elements in the Project Explorer.

The Project Explorer tree allows you to navigate easily between program components.


Language Interface

VisiLogic supports a number of interface languages. You can change the interface language by selecting Languages from the VisiLogic View menu.

Hardware Configuration

VisiLogic offers an integral Hardware Configuration module. The foundation of a Vision control system is the controller. The Snap-in I/O Module provides an on-board I/O configuration.  You add I/Os by integrating I/O Expansion Modules.

After you select the Snap-in or Expansion I/O modules connected to the controller, you can configure inputs: analog, digital, and high-speed counter/shaft-encoder/frequency measurers and PT100; and outputs: analog, digital, and PWM high-speed outputs.

Ladder Modules and Subroutines

VisiLogic is a modular program you build using Modules and Subroutines.

Operand View and Watch Folders

VisiLogic allows you to view operands and their contents according to type and whether or not they are in use. You can also group related operands according to functions in Watch Folders.

VisiLogic Examples

When you install VisiLogic, an Examples folder is created on your hard disk, containing field-tested VisiLogic (.vlp) sample applications. You can copy these sample applications and adapt them for your own use--if, for example, an application is written for the V120, you can select the V230 via Hardware Configuration.

Help Forums

The Unitronics forums are located at http://www.unitronicsplc.com under Technical support menu>Technical forum

Note that you can search the forums without subscribing, but that you must subscribe in order to post a question.


Use the VisiLogic Help System to learn how to use the software and answer your questions. Browse sequences present help topics in an order to aid you in learning. The browse sequence shown below is Configuring Hardware.





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