Rescue Procedure to recover UniStream Panels
Nahum Stern
Mar-19th, 2018 13:40

In case that the Firmware need to updated when Local/Remote update will not help, follow the next procedure: 

  • Copy the Bin version to another FAT32 formatted flash drive (UniLogic > UniStream Management > Firmware Manager >Copy to DOK)
  • When the copy process is done, browse to the flash drive > Open the Unistream_Files folder.    
  • Copy the attached file or create a new file without it extension named "force_UniStream_update_amb" (Attached) to the Unistream_Files folder.
  • Unplug the flash drive from your PC and plug it to the "failed" UniStream Panel > USB Host
  • Reboot the UniStream Panel
  • The Upgrade process should start automatically.

At the end of Upgrade process, your DOK will contain a file that lists all files exist in the PLC:  ..Unistream_Files\ current_list_files_sd_card.txt  . 

Send this file to us for further inspection and having the information about the problematic unit.

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