How do I add and configure I/O modules?
Eduardo Margulis
Nov-8th, 2017 8:22

On the Solution Explorer, click Hardware Configuration > Local I/O & COM Modules. The available modules are displayed in the Toolbox.

To add I/O and COM modules to the configuration on the back of the panel, either:

  • double-click the desired unit
  • highlight it and press Enter
  • drag and drop it.

When you add a module, UniLogic creates a struct for that module which contains relevant tags including I/O values and status indications. In addition to the default tag name, you can assign a tag Alias Name; for example, you could assign the Alias Name ‘Light Switch’ to an output tag.

Pre-defined “Configs”
You can create a project with multiple I/O configurations. Then when downloading the application you can select the required configuration by going to UniApp –hold the upper right corner for about 4 seconds- a selecting the I/O Units. Then select the tab I/O configuration and select the desire configuration. The PLC will reset and the selected configuration will be highlighted in yellow.

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